Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year Ponderings

I've entered the New Year thoughtfully. You might say we did the usual thing: New Year's Rockin' Eve, my love to kiss at midnight (well 11:00 where we were), a family gathering, etc. All the same, I was in a quieter mood. Maybe 2012 bodes so much change that while I look forward to it happily, I also look forward to it seriously.

I'm ready to be a wife in the sense that I'm ready to get married. I don't consider myself ready in the sense that I'm prepared for all the facets of the task. I doubt that anyone feels entirely prepared, much in the way that no one is ever prepared for children (I'm told), but there are particular steps I would like to take in the next 5 months (5 months, 5 days, 4 hours, 19 minutes, and 17 seconds as of this sentence) to feel more prepared, even if that is a moot point. I don't want to call them "resolutions" necessarily, but since it's that time of year you might say that's the appropriate word. Coincidentally enough, some of them are also nifty tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

1) I resolve to be healthy.

I'm generally a healthy person, but not in the past couple of months. Life in general kicked my booty and left no time nor energy for cooking good food and working out. That's neither here nor there; now that I'm getting married I'm thinking of health as more than how I chose to eat today. When I am a wife and mother, I'll be responsible for not only my health, but the health of my husband and children. While children are a year or two away, my husband will be here sooner rather than later, and I'm committed to using these next few months to create a healthy routine for myself, so I can create that atmosphere for Tim. Unfortunately for him, this means not nearly as much pizza as he is accustomed to consuming. ;)

2) I resolve to always appreciate Tim as my best friend, my "buddy" (one of his favorite things to say to me), and eternal partner in crime or otherwise unruly shenanigans.

I hope married-people-things will never cause me to forget that we spent almost two years pre-matrimony concocting this truly fabulous friendship.

3) I resolve to finish "Lady in Waiting."
Because I've never finished working through it, and I won't be "in waiting" for much longer, ha.

4) On a related note, I resolve to question the Bible. At this moment I will ask my mother to take a deep, cleansing yoga breath, for I do not plan on questioning the actual validity of the Bible, or delving much into the inerrant v. inspired debate. By all means whoever wants to question whether Adam and Eve were literal people or a metaphor for the human condition should, but that's not me. But I desire a deeper understanding of the context and working nature of an unarguably powerful and controversial Book. Have you ever heard a sermon that even attempts to explain the Sons of God or the Nephilim? Yeah, me neither. I want to learn about that stuff. I also commit to learning doubly as I read through it by myself and with Tim.

5) I resolve to actually try/do/make/use the things I have pinned on Pinterest.

6) I resolve to appreciate the little things.
Maybe that will be a sunny day, or a mild winter. Maybe it will be a deep fried Oreo, or my favorite kind of salad. The day I really love everything about who I am. All of those moments will be great, however, here's the moment I had the night of the New Year:
Tim dancing to LMFAO with my little cousin.
Then giving him countless forms of pony rides: sitting, standing, bouncing, jumping, and only saying "no more" when he was finally too exhausted to move.

The few loud, chaotic, laughing minutes where I saw the kind of father he'll be. It'll be hard to top that one, but my hopes are high for 2012.

As of the end of this post, we're at 5 months, 5 days, 7 minutes, and 15 seconds. There's another one. :)

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