Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trying to Go Minimal

First things first, I'll be 19 weeks on Tuesday! I've been awful about taking belly pictures; I haven't updated my cinemama app since week 7ish. I took a horrible bathroom selfie when I got my maternity clothes a week ago, but that's it. What a fail. :/ There's just so much more I need to do right now. Which brings me to this...

I'm having a serious "things" problem. Like... to the point where our cozy townhouse has no room for our rapidly approaching arrival (halfway point in a week, say whaaaaaat?). With both of us working, our things have overtaken our house. At least once a day I fantasize about just throwing 3/4 of our stuff away and living a clean, minimal life. I look at our shelf of DVDs and try to figure out which ones are on Netflix now. We never use our board games but I know when our kids are older we'll just have to buy them again. I look at the trinkets from my childhood and get a headache deciding what should stay and what should go.

I don't usually throw questions out into the universe, but what are some strategies you have for getting rid of your excess... excess? I want to get rid of about half of our things: clothes, games, movies, travel mugs, etc.